Connecting Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

When you add an awning over your existing deck, you can easily connect your indoor and outdoor spaces while creating more living space outside. Nice weather in Denver accommodates outdoor dining al fresco.


From May to October, the average high temperatures in Denver are close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This warm and welcome weather makes families and friends want to get outside for some fun and games while having a shady area to rest. Awnings are available in many different styles and colors with some dynamic features to boot. If you are considering an awning for your deck, read on to discover the unique options you have.

Awnings can provide many benefits to your home. They give you a shady area to escape the UV rays of the sunlight in the warmer months and shield you from light rain or snow that may pop up quickly while you are entertaining outside. Deck covers of any type also expand your actual living space while they add beauty, curb appeal and value to your home. When you add an awning to your deck, it will most likely be shading a door and several windows. This helps to keep your home cooler in the summer so you will need less air conditioning to make your home more energy efficient. Awnings also protect your outdoor furnishings and indoor textiles from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause fading and shorten the life span of your possessions.


Retractable awnings are often called the best of both worlds and have many advantages over a fixed structure. You can open a retractable awning for protection from sun, heat, rain, or snow and enjoy your deck. If you want to soak up some rays on a warm day, you can close a retractable awning and do that too. You are in complete control of your sun and shade with a retractable awning. You have two different manners to operate a retractable awning: manual and motorization. The manual method takes only a minute or so to open and close your awning by using a hand crank that operates very easily and smoothly. The motorized version allows you to touch a button on remote control, a wall control, or press a button on a smartphone app, depending on the type of motor you choose. Custom retractable awnings can be made in any size you wish from 10 feet up to 40 feet wide with a projection of 8, 10, and 12 feet for a great size selection to fit all of your needs. When your retractable awning is closed, the fabric rolls up neatly into a protected cassette. Since you only need to open a retractable awning when you are using it, it will last much longer than a fabric awning that is fixed in place.

You can also choose from premium brands of retractable awnings, which are made to last for a much longer time, use the best fabrics and framework, and include extra features as well. Some of the extra features may be a longer warranty and built-in dimmable LED lights for nighttime use. The LED lights are built into the arms of the awning and you can adjust them by remote control. An easy pitch adjustment allows you to adjust the angle of your retractable awning for better protection from the sun and elements. Integrated cassette housings will protect your fabric awning when it is closed. You may be able to choose from a selection of frame colors too to match your home’s color or style, as well as a selection of hundreds of fabrics. Premium retractable awnings also let you choose a straight valance on the front of the awning or a beautiful scalloped (or sea wave) design. Multi-use front bars allow you to easily attach other extras to your awning such as dropscreens.


reputable professional can install your deck awning of choice in a very short time and it’s recommended to use a pro so that your deck awning is properly installed. The retractable deck awning is definitely your best choice in all situations whether it attaches to your home or it is freestanding. Retractable awnings have a much longer life than fixed or stationary awnings so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces for years to come. Contact Direct Awnings today to learn how we can help your awning dreams come true!

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