Full-Service Awning Company in Adams County

Residents and business owners in the Adams County area of Colorado can now call on the professionals at Direct Awnings and Doors to increase the security and efficiency of homes and businesses. Direct Awnings and Doors provides customers a superior option for purchase and installation of custom-made awnings, window well covers, and security storm doors. Through our mobile showroom, we are able to bring materials to clients’ homes for convenience and advanced customization. We make it our mission to meet customer needs, and will work closely with patrons through every step of the process to make sure that customers are happy with the product, the installation service, and the end result.

Adams County Security Doors

Adding a security storm door can help to increase the security and efficiency of buildings in Adams County. Security storm doors are made from a combination of steel and tempered glass to prevent homes and businesses from being easily broken into. The tempered glass also helps to protect doors from the elements, and mitigates the amount of air flow through the door which can increase energy efficiency.

Custom Well Covers

The experts at Direct Awnings and Doors can design window well covers that will fit any home in the Adams County area to provide increased safety and security. Window well covers can help to prevent accidents and falls, especially if animals or children like to run and play on the property. Window well covers may also help to thwart intruders by adding difficulty to an access point that is typically away from well trafficked living spaces. Our professionals will design window well covers that will to add unique and beautiful elements to homes while reducing fall hazards.

Quality Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings allow customers to create a small oasis in the backyard that can encourage more outdoor activity. Awnings can help children, family members, and guests to stay out of the direct sunlight and other elements which can prevent painful sunburns and make outdoor excursions more enjoyable. We will match the awning carefully to the home so that it will add a classy touch when in use and tuck away discreetly when not in use. Besides adding beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces, custom retractable awnings will also shield windows and glass doors to block the damaging effects of sunlight on home accessories and help reduce cooling costs. Awnings have shown to decrease indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees, in some cases, which can reduce the strain on air conditioning units and lessen home cooling needs.

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