Full-Service Awning Company in Arapahoe County

Direct Awnings and Doors invites homeowners in the Arapahoe County area of Colorado to increase the efficiency of their homes, simply by adding a few classy and functional touches. We offer a variety of attractive awnings, security doors, and window well covers that can add safety and comfort without breaking the bank. Our highly trained professionals work closely with customers throughout the process to guarantee satisfaction.

Customized Retractable Awnings

Adding an awning to a home can help increase energy efficiency, which can save homeowners in Arapahoe County money on cooling costs. Awnings can also provide a shady outdoor space for family members to relax or play while being protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. We work side by side with customers to create customized retractable awnings that work with the unique characteristics of their home while blocking light that would normally convert to heat after shining through unblocked windows and glass doors. Our mobile showroom even allows us to bring the selection to customers’ homes for convenience and better alignment with the colors and styles of the home.

Arapahoe County Security Doors

Doors are often an efficiency and security weak point in homes, allowing heated or cooled air to escape and providing an ideal entry point for intruders. Our security doors are also storm doors, which can help to decrease the amount of air flow through the door while providing an extra degree of resistance to criminals. Storm doors can also help to thwart the entry of pests into the home, and can add a layer of protection against adverse weather conditions. We customize security doors to fit the frame size and style at customers’ home, and will work with customers to craft the perfect security door in terms of both style and function.

Quality Window Well Covers

Our design team can create high quality window well covers that are customized to fit the specifications of many different types of window wells in the Arapahoe County area. Using a template, Direct Awnings and Doors designers craft window well covers to fit snugly and exactly, so that window wells are kept free from debris. High quality window well covers can also help to prevent animals and children from falling into window wells and becoming injured or breaking glass. Our covers are also powder coated to prevent rust and come with the option to add a locking system for extra security.

Let us help you make your home more secure! Call 303-909-6231 today to get started.