Full-Service Awning Company in Denver, Colorado

Direct Awnings and Doors is pleased to offer customers in the Denver, Colorado area options to beautify their homes while improving functionality. Our products include awnings, security doors, and window well covers that can help to add safety and efficiency in addition to splendor. We are a full service company that delights in taking customers through every step of the process, beginning with a home assessment and interview to understand exactly what customers are hoping to achieve. We are happy to work closely with customers through installation and beyond to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Denver County Awnings

We take pride in making the homes in the Denver County area even more beautiful with our wide variety of awning options. We are an authorized dealer of SunSetter retractable awnings, which are the top selling awnings in the country. Direct Awnings and Doors does not charge more for these awnings than SunSetter, and can offer customers a chance to see the fabric in person before buying. Our professionals will also install the retractable awnings in a way that makes the awning blend tastefully in with the home when not in use and add a distinctive touch when it is. In addition to SunSetter awnings, we also offer NuImage awnings and Sunbrella awnings.

Security Doors

Steel security storm doors can help to keep the heat or cold out, which can increase a home’s efficiency and lower heating or cooling costs. Our security doors are durable and come in a variety of options to add beauty and safety to any home in the Denver County area. We offer 40 powder coated finishes to increase personalization while preventing rust and scratches. Our doors can be fitted to open from either side, and we are happy to help customers select a door that will add character and security to any home or business. In addition, we are able to fit doors with a Marks four-way lock option to further increase safety.

Window Well Covers

Windows that are below ground present a security hazard, and can be a point of easy entry for pests. In addition, these windows are often hard to keep clean, which can be frustrating for homeowners that value the exterior appearance of the home. Our window well covers can help to prevent pests, debris, and other unwelcome intruders from having access to below ground window areas. We offer a variety of window well covers that are powder coated and are customized to fit securely into the window well. Our professional window well crafters can also install a locking system, if desired, to ensure an even more secure window. These locks can be easily opened, for emergency purposes.

Let us help you make your home more secure! Call 303-909-6231 today to get started.