Full-Service Awning Company in Douglas County

The custom-designed comfort and home efficiency offered by Direct Awnings and Doors is just a phone call away in Douglas County. Direct Awnings and Doors offers some of America’s best-selling awnings, including SunSetter retractable awnings. We also offer high quality customized security doors and window well covers to provide customers in the Douglas County area with peace of mind.

Steel Security Doors

Screen doors provide little protection against home invasions and unpleasant weather. By upgrading to a steel security door with tempered safety glass, home and business owners in Douglas County can improve the safety of their space. Steel security doors are customized to fit the specifications of any home or business, and can be designed for aesthetic appeal as well as safety. Our security doors are made to be durable and resistant to both scratches and rust. Doors can be designed to open from either side, and can be fitted with a Marks four way lock for added fortification.

Custom Well Covers

Window wells can act as a catch-all for debris and insects around the home, and present a hiding place for wild animals. Homeowners in Douglas County can avoid the pitfalls of open window wells by having Direct Awnings and Doors install a custom-fitted window well cover that will securely cover open window well areas. Our professional designers not only shape and size well covers, but also apply paint and powder coating according to customer preferences to prevent rust and add style to homes. If desired, a locking system can be added that will help to prevent the covers from being opened accidentally. Locking systems are secure but easy to unlock, for safety.

Douglas County Awnings

Customers in the Douglas County area can create a delightful outdoor space by adding a retractable awning to their home. Retractable awnings can be added to porch or deck areas, as well as above doors and windows. Awnings are matched to the style and décor of the home to provide a distinctive touch while open and retract inconspicuously when not in use. Awnings can protect the family from harmful UV rays while outside, encouraging healthy outdoor activities and often increasing the use of backyard areas. Customized awnings can also shield windows and glass doors from penetrating sunlight that can make homes difficult to cool. Utilizing retractable awnings during the times of day when the sun is the hottest can help to reduce cooling costs and decrease the strain on air conditioning units.

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