Full-Service Awning Company in Jefferson County

Making buildings more secure and energy efficient has never been easier for residents of Jefferson County, Colorado. Just a phone call to Direct Awnings and Doors can help business owners and homeowners in the area get started with the installation of customized security doors, window well covers, or beautiful awnings. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and will work closely with clients throughout the entire process of design and installation to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction.

Jefferson County Security Doors

Our security doors can help to protect the investments of home and business owners in the Jefferson County area. Security doors provide an extra level of protection by placing durable steel in front of entry points. We offer many different styles and customize doors for fit and function so that security doors add to the visual appeal of a building, rather than detracting from it. Security doors also contain tempered glass to protect against storms and to shield the main entrances from the elements, resulting in savings on door repairs and increased building insulation. If desired, customers can also add a Marks four way lock to further increase security. All four way locks come with a lifetime warranty.

Quality Awnings

Adding awnings to a Jefferson County home or business can help to create a lasting impression while reducing energy needs and costs. We offer a variety of awnings from companies such as SunSetter, Sunbrella, and NuImage that will provide shade for family members or customers while blocking sun from entering windows and glass doors. Retractable awnings can create an outdoor space that is protected from the elements, increasing the amount of living or business space. Using awnings during hotter times of day can also help to protect furniture, paint, carpeting and other indoor accessories from the fading effects of the direct sun.

Custom Window Well Covers

Window well covers can help to mitigate safety hazards for homes in the Jefferson area. Window wells present a risk of injury to family members and guests when not properly covered. The professionals at Direct Awnings and Doors will craft window well covers that are sturdy and exactly fitted to reduce fall risks. Having a custom window well cover will also prevent debris and small animals from entering the window well, making for a safer, more sanitary area. Window well covers can also be fitted with a locking system that is easy to secure for added protection, if desired.

Let us help you make your home more secure! Call 303-909-6231 today to get started.