Reducing Heat with Solar Shades in Denver

Along with the summer each year, Denver quite often has heat waves that leave homeowners and business owners alike frustrated with the warmth. Solar shades can greatly reduce the heat that enters your dwelling or business.

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Keep Your Denver House Cool This Summer with Solar Shades


You have several options in keeping your home cool on the dog days of summer. Solar screens, shades, and blinds are quite popular in areas that have quite a bit of heat in the summer and pleasant in the winter. Another choice to make when going solar is whether you want your energy-efficient solution on the inside or outside of your home. The best option is generally for a solar shade or screen on the exterior of your home or business. Solar shades are specifically engineered to reflect the heat from the sun and prevent it from entering and heating your home or business up.


According to the Department of Energy, about 76% of the sunlight that contacts your windows in the summer will enter your home or business and become heat, resulting in the need for more air conditioning to keep your areas cool and comfortable. If you really want to crush your energy bills in the hot summer, the combination of solar shades and retractable awnings in Denver can make you a master at energy efficiency. A retractable awning over a deck or patio will keep windows shaded by the awning and the solar shade, giving you a double layer of energy efficiency and sun protection. Retractable awnings will also enable to you entertain outdoors even when it’s warm in the summer by keeping you about 20 degrees cooler under the awning.


The Many Benefits of Solar Shades in Denver


Choosing a local awning company in Denver has many advantages. You can have custom solar shades made to fit all of your windows perfectly and you can choose between many types of materials. The tighter the mesh on a solar screen, the more sun, and heat it blocks, and the harder it is to see outside from in your home. This also gives you a level of privacy that is not offered by solar solutions with a looser mesh. You can also choose between different colors of mesh that look differently from outside your home but don’t obstruct your view through your windows.


Fantastic Money Savers


So, you realize that more energy efficiency means that you will need less air conditioning in the summer to cool your home or business. Another great fact that most people don’t think about is your air conditioning system. When you need more energy to cool your areas, your HVAC will run more and work harder to keep you cool. But, with solar shades, your cooling system works less and less hard so that it will actually last longer before needing repairs as it ages and the entire life is greatly extended so you won’t need an entirely new system for many years to come. Now, that’s real savings.


UV Ray Protection


Blocking UV sun rays from entering your home helps to keep your valuables and all of your textiles in tip-top condition. When the sun shines on your furniture, artwork on the walls, and your flooring continually, it will start to fade all of these textiles. When items fade from sunlight the materials they are made from will become thinner and easier to rip or tear. Blocking the sun with awning installation in Denver can save you valuable money for replacing items sooner.


solar shades denver


Reduction of Glare on Screens


Solar shades keep the heat out while they also reduce glare from entering your home. We all hate it when the sunlight causes glare on your TV screen, laptop, or desktop screen and causes you to squint to try to see more clearly. The reduction of glare at all times will save you from needing to get up and go to each window to adjust window treatments on the inside of your home just to be able to watch your favorite show or to attend an online meeting.


A Wide Variety of Designs


Custom solar shades will fit with the aesthetics of your home because there are many designs from which to choose. You can choose the size, pattern, and color that you prefer to fit in with your decor seamlessly. A window treatment company in Denver can show you all of the different types and designs available and help you to choose the perfect sunlight control for every single window.


Light or Dark Solar Shades


Solar screens are designed to control both heat and light. The mesh allows little of both to enter your rooms. The lighter colors will reflect light and in turn, will brighten your room for additional energy savings in not needing to turn lights on for good vision. The darker shades of screens will offer the best glare protection while warming your rooms slightly with ambient heat. The view outdoors is also affected by the color of your solar shades. The lighter colors will be like looking through sheer draperies while the darker colors will look like you are looking through a window with a window tint or film on it.


Contact a Local Awning Installer in Denver


When you choose to have custom window treatments to beat the heat, going local is a great idea. A local window treatment company will understand the exact climate and how to control the sun and heat for your best outcome. We offer custom products in commercial-grade to be long-lasting and durable. Contact us to get more information on solar shades and energy-saving advice.

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