SunPro Motorized Awnings & Screens

SunPro Motorized screens provide versatility in places inside and outside of your home and are used in everyday applications on patios, porches, balcony, lanai, window, garage, and door. The retractable screens and awnings transform the outdoors and provide privacy and solar protection against the sun's harmful rays. Each screen is tailor-made to your precise specifications. Our customers are amazed at the functionality, convenience and ease of use that’s provided by the beauty of SunPro shades.

We offer these multipurpose screens for every room of your home:


Patio, Porch and Balcony Screens 

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony retractable screens are conveniently operated by remote control and are motorized for ease-of-use. Benefits include increased privacy, protection against UV rays, energy savings and added safety. 


Window, Door and Solar Protection Screens 

SunPro’s window, door and solar protection screens are an investment that provide considerable cost savings on energy bills by maintaining temperature control, reducing exposure to natural light and blocking breezes that may surface through old window and door frames.  SunPro’s window, door and solar protection screens add flare and style to any home and are available in a variety of hardware options. They are retractable and operable by remote control for added convenience. 


Indoor Solar Protection and Privacy Screens 

SunPro’s indoor solar protection and privacy screens provide the best solution in UV ray protection and privacy for any room in your home by offering full control of the amount of sunlight coming in from outside.  You are in complete control of the amount of UV rays being filtered through a motorized privacy screen. Additional benefits include a more compact motor and components that make it more economical for you.  


Lanai Screens 

SunPro’s lanai screens are available in a wide range of color and screen options to elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space.  Screen options are available for weather and insect protection or privacy. 


Garage Screens 

SunPro’s garage screens provide the ultimate in privacy, weather and insect protection and pet containment through the use of motorized convenience. Simply press a button to enjoy privacy from neighbors, heavy winds, and moisture from rain showers. You can even block access to insects with ease. SunPro’s garage screens are housed in a lightweight housing that is installed above a garage. Our customers are amazed at the value, functionality and ease of use that is provided by the beauty of the screens.      


Privacy Screens 

SunPro’s privacy screens provide the perfect solution for enjoying views of the outdoors and allowing the same remarkable views all-around.  There are many custom-designed options and hardware options to choose from to fit the exact specifications for your desired location.