Sunsetter Awnings

Sunsetter Retractable awnings is the #1 best-selling awnings in America. They provide protection and cool shade from the sun’s rays and the ability to retract on those days when you want to enjoy the sun. Sunsetter awnings help reduce your air conditioning bills by providing a 20 degrees cooler shade and offer protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays on the hottest days. They are affordable, exceptional quality and custom-made to fit your family’s needs and style. Sunsetter offers a 5-year limited warranty on all awnings and accessories.

Sunsetter awnings are available in a variety of custom design options from fabrics, colors, size, manual, motorized or free-standing for your convenience to fit your functionality and lifestyle.  


Platinum Awning Series  

Sunsetter’s Platinum awning series awnings are the premium line of awnings that provide ultimate comfort, style, protection and unparalleled quality with a modern elegance that you expect from Sunsetter.      


Platinum Plus Awning Series 

SunSetter’s Platinum Plus awning series redefine luxury with its most exquisite retractable awnings. When closed, the fabric retracts into a permanently installed aluminum semi-cassette hood that protects your awning year-round.  These models are “lateral arm” style awnings, which require no vertical support arms. so there’s nothing to obstruct your view.  There are 16 world-renowned Sunbrella fabric options that offer unparalleled beauty in this series and are the ultimate in push-button convenience, opening and closing effortlessly in under a minute, with one touch of the wireless remote control included. Sunstter’s Platinum Plus Awning series operate quietly and reliably, using an industry leading Somfy Motor hidden within the awning roller bar, with an 18 ft. plug-in cord for convenience. 


Motorized Pro & Pro XL Awnings 

Sunsetter’s Pro & Pro XL awnings are the top-of-the-line awnings and come standard with a build-in front weather breaker panel and remote control that let you open and close your motorized awning from anywhere inside or outside of your home.  The exclusive built-in front Weatherbreaker panel, hidden in the front roller bar, can be unrolled up to 5-feet and blocks out up to 90% of sun and wind, while letting in air and light. The Weatherbreaker operates with a simple hand crank included. The Sunsetter Pro & Pro XL awnings offer a variety of beautifully woven acrylic fabric to choose from for your home.   


Motorized & Motorized XL Awnings 

Sunsetter’s Motorized & Motorized XL awnings include a remote control that allows you open your motorized awning from anywhere inside or outside of your home. Simply press a button on the remote and get the ultimate in cool shade and protection in seconds. These awnings include a state-of-the-art lateral arm technology for superior performance and stability, plus the best in the industry reliable Somfy® motor hidden inside the awning roller. TheSunsetter Motorized & Motorized XL awnings are “lateral arm” style, so the motor operates strong support arms that open and close directly under the awning canopy, therefore, no vertical support arms are needed. This remarkable awning gives you the same features or better than other electric awnings that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars while providing unsurpassed protection, convenience, affordability and beauty for your home.  


Oasis Freestanding Awnings 

The Sunsetter Freestanding awnings provides 99% UV ray protection in a portable shade style for your lawn, deck, patio, poolside for almost anywhere there’s a level surface. You get the ultimate in flexibility and versatility to have a festive get-together at night under Sunsetter’s optional patio lights. The cooling shade allows up to 20 degrees cooler under the awning and closes easily in 60 seconds.  If you can’t install an attached SunSetter Awning on your deck or patio the SunSetter Oasis is the perfect solution and can be left outdoors all-year long. It can be retracted when not in use and options include a woven acrylic fabric in 17 color choices to fit your décor.      


Model 1000XT 

The Sunsetter 1000XT manually-operated awning has support arms that gives excellent stability and can be positioned vertically on your deck or patio or angled against the side of your home. The 1000XT can also be installed under overhangs as low as 7 ft., making it a good choice for homes that cannot install a Motorized or Manual awning.  The Sunsetter 1000Xt awning has a traditional laminated fabric that projects out 10 ft. 2 in. From your home when fully open.  


Awning Accessories 

Awning accessories for your SunPro awning include: 

Dimming LED lights by Somfy myLink for use while at home or away using your smart phone, tablet, or natural voice commands for your Sunsetter Platinum, Platinum Plus, PRO and Motorized models.  

Awning covers keep your awning protected from cobwebs, birds and dirt when not in use. This is available for all awning models.  

Weatherproof lights are a great option for your patio when enjoying your awning during the evening or night. 

Sunsetter mildew resistant and flame-resistant mats add style and comfort while protecting your deck or patio surface especially if you like to walk barefoot.  

Awning hoods are available to protect your PRO, Motorized, and Manual models to match the hardware of your awning and provides exceptional protection for your awning fabric and motor when the awning is closed.   

Roof-mount Aluminum Hood is great for installations were mounting the awning on the wall or under an eave or overhang is not possible for the PRO, Motorized and manual models. This hood provides excellent permanent protection for the awning and help to keep it clean and conveniently stored when not in use. Included is a back plate to give your awning extra protection from the elements.  

Side Weatherbreaker Panels fit all awning models and help block 90% of sun, wind, and mist from coming in the sides of your awning, while letting in filtered light and gentle breezes.  

Front Weatherbreaker Panels is already built into the PRO, Platinum PRO, and Platinum Plus Pro and helps block 90% of sun, wind, and mist from coming in the front of your awning yet lets in filtered light and gentle breezes.  

Cleaning kit is available for all awning models and keeps your awning looking its best. The kit includes telescoping brush, two bottles of cleaning concentrate, touch-up paint kit and repair kit. 

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