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Well Covers in the Denver Colorado Area

Direct Awnings offers custom made window well covers that hold up to five hundred (500) pounds and helps keep animals and debris out of the window wells.

Direct Awnings offer sixty (60) powder coat finishes to prevent rusting, and have an optional locking system that is simple to lock and unlock for easy escape. All window well covers are made using a cardboard template for a tighter fit and excellent craftsmanship.

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What is a Window Well?

Daylight basements have one or more walls that are at grade level–meaning you can walk straight out of them without the need for steps and be on ground level. The other sides of a basement generally will be banked up against the earth and below grade level. 

More commonly, basements are fully underground except for the upper one or two feet. To install windows in these types of basements, you need a dug out on the exterior to remove the soil. This is called the window well and it’s your opening to the outdoors to let in air and light into the basement. Window wells may need to be to a building code to allow access to the outdoors in the case of an emergency.

Why are Window Wells Important?

Window wells play a very important role in safety. Without one, the soil near the windows would eventually deteriorate and fall inward. Many things would cause soil window wells to deteriorate, such as rain, snow, water drainage, human and animal contact. The soil would collapse into the windows and could break them in time.

The soil near the windows is a great attractant for termites and carpenter ants which can both borough into your home and destroy it. In addition, wet soil is an invitation to tree roots and water to invade your home.

How Do Window Well Covers Work?

Metal or plastic window wells are your solution to avoid a window well collapse. It acts as a permanent storm door for your basement window to give it extra protection. They fit into an existing wall and are curved or rectangular galvanized steel or shields that attach to the side of your home to support the earth and block moisture, leaves and debris from reaching the basement windows. 

Window well covers are customized to fit any shape of window well and they attach to the top of the window well. They aren’t waterproof but they do keep most of the moisture of all types away from the window and prevent animals and people from falling in. Limiting the water amount can be your first line of defense in escaping basement flooding during periods of heavy rain or a heavy snowfall that melts and causes water.

Window Well Cover Strength and Longevity

Your most important consideration in choosing a window well cover is the strength of it. You can choose between a thick plastic cover or a strong metal grate style that is powder coated to last longer. You should be able to choose from a multitude of powder coating colors in order to match your home and fit in seamlessly. Your well cover should be rated to hold several hundred pounds and in addition, it won’t allow pests to enter your well and take up residence in a warm area in the cold temperatures of winter. All high-quality window well covers that are made of metal and powder coated for weather resistance will last for decades.

If you choose the locking version of a window well cover, it is very important that you choose one that unlocks easily so it can be removed in the case of needing the opening to escape to the outside for an emergency situation.

For the best results and your peace of mind, make certain you choose a reputable company with over 10 years of experience to take your measurements, have your window well fabricated and to install it professionally. A great local company that will be with you from start to finish will also help to provide you with great customer support.


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