What is the Purpose of Window Well Covers?

Window Well Covers for Safety

Window wells and covers give you peace of mind in so many different ways. Quality window well covers are durable and long-lasting to be useful for many years to come and protect your family and basement.

Window Well Covers.

What Is The Purpose of a Window Well Cover?

Window well covers have many purposes and all give you great benefits without any drawbacks whatsoever. You can protect all of your family members, friends, pets, and your basement all in one easy install product.

What are Basements Used for?

Many homes in the United States have basements in them. Basements are useful areas that are partially or fully under the ground level of your home. They have historically been used for storage areas, fuse boxes, furnaces, and cellars to store extra vegetables in a cool and controlled environment so they stay useable for a much longer time than in a kitchen or home.

Basements are also used as a storm shelter in the case of high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and any other weather-related storms that may cause a home to lose electricity. In this sense, basements usually have a comfortable area to relax in, with food and water stored in them. Most of the time you will have a source of lighting, such as flashlights or lanterns to be able to have good vision in the darkness.

Many times these days, basements are built out to make an entire new floor of a home. They can contain bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, pantries, and kitchens to be separate living quarters for a roommate, relative, or another family member. You may instead use your basement as a home gym, media room, game room, laundry and utility space, or any other space that you wish.

What are Window Well Covers?

Basements may have no windows and be enclosed on all sides by the ground–meaning they are entirely underground. You may also have a window that is at the same level as the ground, so you can walk outdoors without the need for stairs or a ladder. Most basements have about one or two feet of upper space that is not underground. This means that you need a window well dug out to use the window to exit your basement. The window wells should be covered for safety measures and easy to operate from the inside of the basement. This allows you to seek refuge from a terrible storm and then exit the basement through the window well when all threats have passed.

What Purposes do Window Well Covers Provide?

Your window well covers provide several very important purposes in the line of safety and security such as:

  • Protect your home
  • Protect your family
  • Add beauty to your basement
  • Adding natural lighting source
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Extra security
  • Strong and durable
  • A safe escape route
  • Save lives

 window well covers

Protect Your Home

A secured window well cover helps to keep your home safe from the outside elements of destructive forces. These include snow, ice, and rain that may accumulate outside the basement windows or vents and increase the chance of your basement flooding while causing massive damages. Window wells with covers will help protect your basement from any potential flooding. Any window well that is not covered correctly will allow dirt, leaves, garbage, and debris to fill up your window well and then you will need to keep cleaning it out. Uncovered window wells are also a wonderland to live and breed for rats, mice, snakes, and frogs as they enjoy the debris. If your window isn’t properly protected, it can cause the area to collapse which will cause serious damages to your window and basement. Window well covers in Denver should be sturdy and durable and custom made to fit your home.

Protect Your Family

An open window well without a cover is a serious risk factor. When it’s covered in snow, you can’t see exactly where the window well lies. You, a family member, a pet, or a friend can fall into the pit around the basement and be seriously injured, especially if you fall into the window and break it. If the ground near the basement isn’t secured with a window well the dirt can give way and cause a falling hazard. Installing a window well includes digging out the dirt and placing a window well in it to keep dirt and debris in its place. The window well cover supports a person’s weight so they can’t fall into the window well.

Add Beauty to Your Basement

Your basement windows allow all-natural sunlight to brighten the interior. When you have a window well and it’s cleared out around the window you can get more sunlight inside. Window wells and covers are available in different colors to match your home and many homeowners plant some greenery or flowers on each side of them for lovely aesthetics.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Since basements are mostly underground or at least partially, they tend to be much cooler and damper areas. In addition to brightening your underground space, the sunlight can help to decrease your electric bills for heating in the winter as well. The window well with a cover also keeps your windows clean to let the maximum amount of sunshine inside. The covers are very easily washed too, so you don’t have any maintenance concerns in maximizing your light and warmth in Denver basements.

Extra security

It’s a well-known fact that burglars try to break into a home often from the basement windows. They are low to the ground and easy to access from outside when neighbors may not notice them vandalizing your home. A window well cover gives you an added layer of security to deter intruders as the locking mechanism is just about impossible to open from the outside.

Strong and Durable

At first glance, you may think window well covers appear like they are fragile, but this is definitely not the case. Our window well covers are strong and durable and can withstand weight limits of 500 pounds. Even heavy snow and debris can’t tear through our covers.

A Safe Escape Route

Quality window well covers are strategically fabricated so you can’t open them from the outside, but they are very simple to open from inside the basement. If you have an emergency in your home, this makes a safe escape route. You can quickly open the cover from your basement window and climb up and out to get out of harm’s way.

Saves Lives

In the USA, all the local building codes require any bedrooms in a basement to have an escape route in the case of any emergency or fire. Window wells are very important no matter what type of arrangements you have in your basement. Window well covers simply put save lives.


Trust the Pros for Window Well Covers in Denver

We are your trusted source in the area for window well cover installers. We have many years of experience as an awning company as well to serve all of your needs. Our window well covers are available in the widest selection of colors in this area. You can choose from 60 different powder coating finishes to prevent rust, resist fading and discoloration while maintaining a clear path to your basement. We offer custom window wells and covers that will fit perfectly in your home. We pride ourselves on having 10 years of great customer service on all of our products. Contact us to learn more about a window well and cover for the protection of your family and your home.


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