Awnings Create the Ultimate Outdoor Spaces

Awnings Create the Ultimate Outdoor Spaces, awnings Aurora Colorado

Outdoor entertaining is always a nice touch to a meal with family and friends. At times, it may besprinkling or too hot outside to enjoy your deck or porch. Adding an awning will change that for you.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in All Seasons By Installing An Awning

Adding an awning over your deck, porch, or beside your swimming pool will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in all seasons of the year. It decreases the temperature under it to keep you cool in the summer and it shields you from rain showers. In the winter, you can get relief from the snow and you can even add sides to an awning so you have an enclosed and warm area to hang out in. Homeowners that have awnings outdoors spend much more time outside all year round and enjoy the health benefits of having fresh air.

Why Do I Need Awnings?

Awnings also save you valuable money in other manners as well. Your outdoor patio furniture will last much longer if it is shaded and not baking in the hot sun’s UV rays all year round. Keeping the sun out of your home’s windows also shades your indoor textiles to protect them as well. Your flooring, furniture, and artwork will look new much longer if the sun isn’t continually shining on them.

Awnings create additional living space that attaches to your home. When the weather is nice outside, you can leave your patio door or sliding glass door open and allow guests to navigate between the inside and outside of your home. This creates a much larger area to entertain and enjoy any type of party. You can add great aesthetically pleasing items under your awnings, such as a dining table and chairs, an outdoor TV and pool table, and a Bluetooth sound system. The ultimate outdoor space will make your home the go-to one for football and other sports games and all the birthday parties and celebrations for your family and friends.

Benefits of Awnings

Awnings give you many different benefits that are truly amazing such as:

  • Protect Your Family From Sun and Rain
  • Reduce Your Energy Costs
  • Great Home Improvement Idea

Protect Your Family From Sun and Rain

Have you ever been entertaining guests at your home and it’s just too hot to go outside? Or, have you been outside and then it starts to rain and puts a damper on your party? An awning on your home can help with these aggravating issues. Awnings are very beneficial to any home. When you have an awning over a patio, porch, or deck it will not only keep the area underneath it about 20 degrees cooler in the hot summer sun. An awning can also reduce the UV rays of the sun from causing sunburns on your children and friends by up to 99%. These harmful rays over a long period of time can cause skin cancer, but with an awning, it’s something you won’t need to worry about. When you are outside under your awning and it suddenly starts to rain, it won’t make it necessary to grab all of your gear and run into the house. An awning is a perfect way to protect you from those pop-up little rain showers and blowing wind as well.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

An awning not only blocks the hot sun from your area underneath it but will also block the sun from your windows and doors under the awning. This in turn keeps your home cooler on the inside so you can use less air conditioning in the summer and stay comfortable. Energy efficiency is one of the most sought-after benefits of an awning and as an added benefit you get more use out of your outdoor spaces.

Your awning can save energy for you even in the wintertime. If you choose a retractable style awning, you can open and close it when you want to. Leaving it open in the winter will allow the sun to shine inside your doors and windows on the patio side of your home to add warmth inside. This means you use less electricity to keep your house warm in the winter because the sun is naturally helping you out with this task.

Great Home Improvement Idea

Since your outdoor awning will increase your living space, it makes a great home improvement idea. It will enable you to spend much more time outdoors when you are protected from the elements of rain and sun. The additional space is considered a great move to increase the value of your home if you ever intend to sell it. Awnings also add charming curb appeal to any home and they are available in hundreds of solid colors and stripes to suit your tastes and match your home’s exterior flawlessly.


Awnings Create the Ultimate Outdoor Spaces, awnings Aurora Colorado

What Is The Difference Between Retractable and Fixed Awnings?

A fixed awning is one that is open all the time and it doesn’t need to be attached to a building or your home. Fixed awnings have the fabric attached to a frame with support legs. The idea behind a fixed awning is that you can place it anywhere on the property that you like. Many homeowners enjoy a fixed awning near their swimming pools so they can relax in the shade while the kids are swimming in the pool. You can even place the fixed awning in a garden setting for a quiet refuge while watching the birds and bees buzzing around your beautiful flowers and plants.

A retractable awning can be opened or closed entirely or partially if you wish. It only takes about a minute to open or close your awning. Retractable awnings are generally mounted onto your home over the windows and doors that lead to your outdoor patio or deck. You can open and close a retractable awning manually with a hand crank that you turn or you may have a motorized version in which you only need to touch a button to open or close it.

If you choose the motorized option of a retractable awning, you will also be able to have many more great options for ease of use. There are sensors to sense the amount of wind and rain on your awning. It’s best to close your motorized awning if the wind or rain is heavy so that your awing frame doesn’t get broken and the fabric doesn’t tear as it can in very high winds and hard rain. The sensors will automatically close your retractable awning when the rain or winds reach a certain strength. So, even if you are away from home and you left your awning open, the sensors will allow it to close and keep it all safe and sound.

You can also find many great options to add to your retractable awning in specialized products. LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers are some of the favorites to extend your outdoor living space with the items you love. There are also specialized heaters and fans to help keep the temperature under your awing to your liking. Sidewalls can also be added to a retractable awning in Denver to keep out snow and wind in the winter and allow you to have fun outdoors no matter how cold it gets.


Choose Quality Awnings in Denver CO

You should only trust a professional awning company with a turnkey solution for all of your shading needs. At Direct Awnings and Doors, we have over 12 years of experience with quality products in the area. We will take measurements of the area you want to be covered and order your awning exactly as you specify. We will then return and professionally install it for you so you have no worries about the attachment method or the appearance of your new outside area. Contact us for an appointment to get started on your new and improved outside living space.


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