Getting to Know Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings Getting To Know Tips and Guide How To Use

If you are in the market for a retractable awning to increase the comfort of your outdoor areas, you should learn about the different types to make an informed decision. You have many different choices when researching retractable awnings. Naturally, it needs to be the proper size for the area where you have it installed; the fabric and frame must be sturdy and long-lasting; and you should choose between a motorized or manual awning for your best convenience. But let’s look further.


A retractable awning uses a metal frame to extend a measured fabric outward from your home and create a shaded area. The awning frame is durable and sturdy and will support the weight of the fabric for many years. The frame itself can be attached to a wall, roof, or soffit, depending on your home’s exterior siding whether it’s a single-story home, condo, or an older home with eaves. A retractable awning will last much longer than a stationary awning because when not in use, it rolls up the fabric on a roller to protect it from fading and thinning due to exposure to harsh sunlight, rain, or strong winds, which can all cause deterioration and damage.

Retractable awnings are a perfect shading solution to create an outdoor oasis because they increase your livable outdoor space. You can relax in the shade on warm, sunny days or even on rainy days and still be comfortable. Otherwise, you may decide to catch some rays and sit with the awning closed to soak up some sunshine. Retractable awnings also brighten up your home’s curbside appeal by increasing its overall attractiveness and resale value.

Retractable awnings can also reduce the temperature underneath them by about 20 percent. And if the awning is covering windows or a sliding glass door, it will reduce your indoor temperature by 15 percent. That’s energy efficiency that amounts to big savings in the Denver area!


You can put a retractable awning anywhere on a strong and permanent structure with a good mounting area. Smaller retractable awnings look great over windows and doors to really jazz up your home. Many homeowners and businesses install their awnings over a patio or deck area to create a sort of outdoor room that is comfortable. If you have a sturdy and permanent fixture such as a pergola, you can install your awning to it to create shade from the elements. You can also install retractable awnings on upstairs decks and patios.


You have several considerations when you are searching for your retractable awning. There are different frame and fabric colors, the motorized or manual option. And of course, you always want a warranty on your products.

Fabulous Fabrics and Cool Colors

Since your awning’s fabric is what protects you from the sun, you want to choose one that will do the job. You also want to make an informed decision about whether it will be too dark or light when exposed to the sun. Additionally, consider its resistance to mildew and fading, which are two of the biggest threats to your awning. The sun’s UV rays fade fabrics and then eat away at the fibers composing them. By the time you notice the fading, damage has already occurred. This could lead to tearing in the long-term.

You will have many colors to select from to complement your home. One thing to keep in mind is that different colors reflect the sun’s rays differently. Darker colors will reflect the sun more than lighter colors but also retain more heat. As a professional awning company, Direct Awnings can help you make informed decisions about fabrics and how to choose them!

Motorized or Manual Operation

You can select one of two methods of operation on a retractable awning. The manual option takes only a few minutes of rotating a crank to open or close your awning. A motorized awning will open and close with the simple touch of a button. In the case that you leave home and a storm suddenly rolls in, adding a wind sensor can save your awning from severe damage if left open. A wind sensor automatically closes the awning for you when winds get too high. Light rains and drizzle won’t trigger the sensor to close the awning (it is, after all, a wind sensor), but anything heavier will. This keeps water from pooling on the fabric and stretching it, which can lead to accelerated deterioration.

Guarantees and Warranties

Check the length of all your guarantees and warranties on your awning products. You should make sure that you are protected if anything should happen to go wrong. The longer the warranty, the more likely it is that the products are better made.


You should choose a professional awning company like Direct Awnings to install your retractable awning. We are experienced with the weather conditions and specifications needed for the greater Denver area. Retractable awnings need to be installed at the right angles to shed water, snow, debris, and ensure they withstand different amounts of wind. Some DIY homeowners have installed their own retractable awnings and ended up with a sub-par attachment, leading to the awning falling down or even injuring people underneath it. Direct Awnings has the necessary credentials, licenses, certifications and insurance to help protect your investment if anything goes wrong during installation.

You now have more information on retractable awnings to be able to search for the perfect one for your home or business use. It is an upfront investment, but the extra pleasure you can get from relaxing in the shade during the dog days of summer is truly worth it. Let Direct Awnings be your guide to an effective awning shade solution that’s right for you!

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