Professional Shading of Your Swimming Pool

When it’s really hot outside in the summer, it can be very beneficial to have shade or a partially shaded area over your swimming pool. You can choose from several types of pool shade to suit your preferences.


Different Types of Pool Shade


Since global warming is upon us, summers seem to last a lot longer along with the heat and sunshine they bring with them. It’s nice to have an area where you can take a leisurely swim in your pool without sweating while you’re at it. Pool shades keep you cooler in the water and also on the concrete near the pool, depending on which method you choose for your shade.

Shading of Your Swimming Pool

What is a Pool Shade?


A pool shade is any type of structure or fabric that stretches over a portion or over all of your swimming pool. It gives you the comfort of having shade and cooler temperatures in the summer. Some pool shades operate differently and some are a structure that remains all year long.


Benefits of Having a Pool Shade


There are several benefits of having shade over your pool and near it as well. It provides you with UV protection so you don’t get sunburned on a hot and clear day. This can help greatly with fair-skinned people and with children so they don’t turn into lobster.


A pool shade also lowers the temperature of the water for a more comforting and relaxing dunk in the water. In the heat of the day, your swimming pool water can heat up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn’t so very cool. However, when you add shade to cover it, you can have an area that is at least 20 degrees cooler where it’s covered.


Pool shades also keep the rain out of your pool to some degree, which can make adjusting your chemicals necessary less often. Hot weather for several days without checking the water quality, along with some of the water evaporating each day may lead to a chance of algae forming. More hours of heat and sunshine make the chlorine evaporate quicker, so having shade can actually decrease the cost of pool maintenance.


The Best Shade Solutions for Your Swimming Pool

freestanding awning

To choose the best shade for your swimming pool, you should learn about the different types, how they are made, how they function, and then you can make an informed decision of which you think is best. Some popular shade ideas for pools are:


  • Retractable Awnings
  • Solar Shades
  • Shade Pergolas
  • Umbrellas
  • Shade Sails


Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings in Denver are a great manner in which to shade your pool and the most comprehensive solution. It provides reliable shade to an area of your pool or the entire pool and it operates very easily. A custom retractable awning can be made in any size you want. They are large and made with fabric on a frame with support legs to provide shade. Being retractable, you can merely press a button to open and close them partially or fully. Retraction is advised when there are storms or heavy rains on the way so they don’t ruin your shady area and result in you needing repairs.


Solar Shades

Solar shades or drop shades as they are commonly called in Denver have fabric that you can see through on them that blocks light, glare, UV rays and it filters the sunlight to keep an area much cooler. The fabric mounts onto a roller mechanism at the top of a support frame and you can pull it down whenever you want respite from the sun on your pool. You can place one on each of the four sides of your swimming pool or in an area to cover only a portion of your pool. You should note that this solution doesn’t block the sunlight from overhead in the middle of the day, but it helps for shade purposes in the morning and afternoon.


Shade Pergolas

A pergola is a shading solution that is quite beautiful all in its own glory. The structure is made of wood with space between the rafters. A pergola is a freestanding shade that is permanent, meaning you can’t retract or close it. Strong fabric drapes gracefully over the wooden support rafters overhead with some of the fabric drapings below the rafters for a beautiful solution for shade. The extra fabric that hangs down in drapes, keeps it from tearing or being damaged in rain and high winds, while the fabric also protects the wooden frame from weathering. This is a long-term solution for stationary shade near your pool or for covering a portion of your pool.



Patio umbrellas are a smaller solution for shade near your pool. They fit in a table that has a hole in the middle to support the pole. The bottom is stabilized on the concrete near your pool with an umbrella base that may be very heavy, filled with water, or filled with sand. The base keeps the umbrella stable in windy weather.

Wooden framed umbrellas usually open with a string system in which you pull it much like a window blind to open and close it. Other models with a metal frame have a handle to crank clockwise to open the umbrella and counter-clockwise to close it.

Cantilever umbrellas will tilt over at about a 45-degree angle to shade a portion of your pool by blocking the sunlight from it. Larger umbrellas are called offset patio umbrellas and they have the support pole on one side rather than in the middle to shade a larger area on one side of the pole over your pool.


Shade Sails

Shade sails are usually bright and colorful additions to your swimming pool area. They can mount just about anywhere you want them to as they mount to a tree, a strong tree limb, or any other sturdy structure that you already have near your swimming pool.

If you don’t already have an area to mount them, posts are installed in the ground and then they mount using hardware provided with them. Take note that some corners of a shade sail should be lower than others so it will shed rain to prevent premature stretching or wearing. A professional awning company can help you to decide on the colors and the pattern that will look great and blend with your home.


Trust the Professionals In Denver

At Direct Awnings in Denver, CO  we have highly experienced employees to serve all of your custom pool shading needs. We can help you decide on the best solution for all of your needs. We use only the best fabrics for our shading solutions. Our expert awning installers will professionally install all of your products, so you know they are safe for your family and friends while poolside. Contact us today for your best pool shade possible.








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